Sunday, June 20, 2010

Silence and Roommates

Hey all, Dag here!
I'm sorry if you've all been waiting for me to post this next update up and a lot has, in fact, happened that I should have definitely updated on but I guess I was just way too lazy.
First, and most importantly, I have taken a voluntaryt vow of verbal dis-communication. Means I won't be talking for the next month to better understand... well it's to better understand something, I'm just not sure I understand it yet. It's all a little explained in my other blog.

On a completely unrelated note, I went to The Grand Thing a few weeks ago. At the monastary Raid, a part of the event where you storm a building full of loot and get to keep whatever you get out with, I made off like a bandit! Of course, this event was set up in teams and, in the end, we piled things on a rug and took turns picking out what we all wanted, from the least experienced to the most and repeating. I got my mom a carpet, a pair of shoes, a candlestick... and another thing I know I got her but I jkust can't remember. Regardless, I also got a bunch of other stuff including a little hammer I have named The Morgan, after the celtic goddess of Life, Death and War.

Ever the hypocrite, I went to the peace rally that happens once a week the very next wednesday, just two days after the event and held a sign for an hour and a half telling people to stop war XD

On some other good news, I now have a roommate. My near seven years best friend, Erik, moved in with me last weekend and we are making the steady change from my place being the single bachelor pad to a respectable home. The living room, study and bathroom are entirely clean.... Now we just have to go through the kitchen and my room >.<
Well, I'll tackle those projects silently when the time comes.

I suppose I havwe more to say but I don't really remember it. It probably wasn't as important as I thought it would be.

David Gray
AKA Dagonet Adair