Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August is Family Reuinion Month!

Now you all may be confused as to what I mean by the title here. I have a reason for saying this XP. When August first started it started out with friends of mine going to a reunion. Two days latter another friend went to a reunion. Now seeing as this month i am attending a family reunion in just two days here in sunny Michigan where I have come from my Beaverton, Oregon home to be with my beloved grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary, I thought this was strange but purely coincidental. Still as the few days went by almost all of my friends went to some version of family reunion or another.

Because of these events I have decided that from here on out August is Family Reunion Month!

BTW, I now live in Beaverton. Perhaps a month ago, maybe a bit longer, I moved into Beaverton, Oregon. My wonderful home is a second Story condominium a block away from the Beaverton Library and a block and a half away from the Beaverton Park. It is a wonderful neighborhood, much better than my previous one in Vancouver. It is also an infinitely better home in general aside from the fact that the toilet sucks and the shower water is just not hard enough for my liking, though the nice pressure makes well up for it ^_^

Anyway when I arrived a few days back in South bend Indiana at the South bend Airport I was immediately struck with a wave of muggy, hot, exhausting air that had absolutely no similarity to the circumstances of my only once previous visit to the area back four years ago a single day before my mid-January birthday in Michigan. Still I liked it. It was hotter than in Oregon but my grandfather, to my surprise, had come to meet my sister, Niece and me at the airport even though we had been sure that he wouldn't be showing up to meet us. Turns out this was for the best because when my sister went to rent us a car her credit check failed, for why I couldn't fathom because she has always been the single most money conscious member of my family.

My grandfather, the saint that he is, sprung for the rental instead. We went to their house, where my sister, Niece and I are currently staying. Immediately I was assaulted with the delicious view of fresh, day old peaches picked just a day or so before my arrival. I, of course as a city boy, never get such wonderful things where I am from, so I dug in. The fact that my body just isn't used to such things never crossed my mind until it was far too late. I suffered the consequences with rather reasonable bravery I believe XP

The next couple of days i did some things with my grandparents, my sister having gone to some other nearby cities to meet some internet friends with her niece, Anemonae. Yesterday sand today i was at the Berrien County Youth Fair. I was with my grandfather at the snow cone stall serving snow cones to excitable little children as well as elderly people as well. Yesterday, however, was different from today's sunny visage. Yesterday there was a period where I was working, where the rain was pouring down in sheets, the air still a heated 90 degrees, of course. Somehow, to my grandfather's amazement, I still managed to call several people to the little stand all through the downpour. I do consider myself quite the persuasive one in the family if it isn't too much to say ^_^

Now I sit at my grandfather's computer after remembering him, at one point in the last few days, badgering me about not updating my blog since he alone, at this point, is my one and only follower, checking up on this blog religiously, or so he tells me. I thought it only sitting to go to take this chance since back home, with the absence of steady internet, I can only jhave an hour at a time on the web at the library. I would have hated to get half way through this blog and had to quit as well as the fact that I would probably spend the whole hour on here writing instead of attending to more important matters like... I don't know... filling out applications, or text roleplaying, or something like that... Hacking into the Russian terrorist mainframes and setting up a virus that makes their screens say "The Speznaz are at the back entrance, you have 13.6 seconds to escape." Oh if only I had that skill, though it would be amazing to tape such a freak message and it's reaction XD Maybe i have seen one minute too much of Eagle Eye though I confess I haven' yet seen it.

Anyway just telling my "fans" out there that I am still alive x_x Hope to update soon with more incredible, and lively things in the life and times of Dag.

David A. Gray
AKA The Dagimal

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Housewarming Party Coming Up

Hey all, David here!

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Life has been going well, and rather uneventful. I moved into my new place about two weeks ago. It is a really nice neighborhood, and I am glad that I am out on my own. For the most part keeping myself entertained comes easily. I normally just sit down on my computer, and write stuff when I have nothing better to do. Occasionally the moment fancies a visit to my sister's place three doors down. I have already had some friends over to spend the night a couple of times, and all seems to be going well. Neighbors are awesome, btw. I have told them already that if I am ever too loud at night, or whatever that they should come knocking at my door, but they insist that they won't have anything wrong, and by the general happenings of it all it seems they make nmore noise at night than I do XD It's reasonable since they have kids though XD

I am having my housewarming party this on the 9th of may! It is all going to be luau themed. As a joke we have "recruited" my buddy jeff to dance around in a grass skirt, and a ridiculous giant styrofoam flower bra, and he even agreed to do it! Because of this I have told a couple of close friends about it, and gotten nothing but laughs. Strangely enough one of my other friends begged me to let her do the same save for with cocobnuts as the bra instead of a ridiculous styrofoam flower. Still it is luau themed, and she really likes dressing the part (One of my cosplayer friends) so it is all cool.

My sister, the goddess in disguise that she is, offered to cook for the party. She is making barbecue pork ribs. What was interesting was that in talking about if mom, or heather should make the ribs my sister decided that we should have a cookoff between the two, and see which was better. I think it was a bit of a joke, but if it happens I look forward to having a week's worth of delicious ribs in my fridge. Also a few of the guests have offered/insisted on bringing food as well. There is going to be a luau music track, though I am not quite sure how we are going to play it in my back yard area just yet. (doesn't own a boombox/music player yet v_v)

I have found out something strange. This may have just been because the first time it was a good card, and the second time it was a cheap 20 dollar one, but it seems like the complex I know live in has a LOT of wireless connections. Still the only good place where I can piggy back on free connections is my living room. My buddy colin brought his laptop over and while we were sitting, using the net in my living room we got about 7 or 8 connections, about half of them unprotected. Still when my buddy Josh brought his wireless usb card over yesterday we only got two protected connections from my study. aybe I just pick up a better connection from my living room.

Anyway I will try to post again soon, but I can't guarantee. Still keep an eye out.

David Gray

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday, April 07

Hey all, this is the first of my blogs.
As you can all read from my bio I am 19.

Well I have good news, and very good news, so I will start with the lesser so everything better sounds all the more so.

First of all I may be getting a job. A coffee place nearby my current home has been hiring for three months, and nobody save for me has turned in a resume (they don't have applications) I only turned in my Resume two days ago anyway so it may take some time. Still having three years of Barista experience I am more than likely to be on top of there list even if they do get anyone else turning in resumes. When they asked me what times i was free when I asked if they were hiring I of course answered, anytime as I don't have a very busy schedule, and my closeness of about two blocks away from them is yet another big plus in my chances. Let's all cross our fingers, and hope it all goes well.

On an even brighter note I will be moving out of my mom's house in about two weeks. Mom is getting married, and of course her husband won't want me to be living with them, and I can hardly blame them. They will be newlyweds, and all, and I don't want to ruin their fun. I am so very excited about getting my own place, and especially in setting a first among my friends. It seems all of my buddies all have at least learners permits for driving (I don't), and everyone has a major game system, or something of that sort. All are in college save for my friend jeff who is still in highschool, but has scholarships I have no doubt. I am just glad that I am setting a new first for the first time among my buddies in getting my own place, which naturally beats out any other things in relevance. My mom, and her husnband will be paying for my apartment untuil they can find me a condo as this apartment will just be a part time thing until my current home sells. (doubtless it won't be for a while, the place is a mess DX) After the house sells Mom is gonna buy a condo that I will move into, and pay her rent. This new job of mine if I happen to get it will be just what I need for such rent as well. Great days are coming I feel.

Aside from that nothing special is happening in my life, though I have joined a new role play site. It looks fun, and I was the third member to join including the admin herself. I just hope all of the action kicks up soon, and people get their characters up because I am getting impatient XP

I may update soon, or I may not depending on how eventful my life ends up being. Expect at least some updates come two weeks from now as I will be moving into my new apartment by then.