Thursday, March 25, 2010

After WAY Too Long

Hey everyone! I have been absent WAY too long from posting on here T_T I apologize for that but I guess I have just had my mind on other stuff or somethin like that. Mostly stuff that didn't matter anyway. Regardless, I am posting here now ^^

Now... What's happened since I last updated. Oh! I moved into a new place in Beaverton, Oregon! It's about a block away from the library and local park. It's really nice there and, once again, all to myself! Over Christmas I got really sick and 6 weeks later I got better. I got a tattoo now, which is awesome. It's a celtic knotwork style sword on my upper right arm.

I recently have been going more and more to things in the SCA, which I am very happy about. War season is just about to sdtart up and I can't wait to go out and fight again. On that note I am at my sister's home for few days so that I can work on her gardens. She has a bunch of huge flower beds that were super overgrown. I needed money and so I asked if I could do anything for her to get it. Now I've almost cleaned them all out by my second day and I am getting money enough to buy myself the metal I want for my new armor, which is a slightly modified suit of asian banded mail . The goal is to look like Akimichi Chouji from Naruto Shippuden, an anime and manga I like. He's my favorite character and I am using the armor this September at Kumoricon, an anime and manga convention I am going to. It's rerally great because I didn't think I would be able to rustle up the stuff for my armor for another three or four months! Super Awesome Win!

Over the holidays, when I was very sick, I lost close to fifty pounds. When I got unsick and got healthy again I put on about ten and am now sitting happily around 280 for the time being. I am really bulking up in comparison to what I used to look like, which is a good thing. Now, instead of my shirts not fitting cause my belly they are starting to not fit cause of my pecs instead. Still having the problem of them not fitting but it's not all bad XD Granted I still have something of a belly but I am working hard to get rid of it. (Start those push-ups Dagimal! XP )

A few weeks ago my cousin Chloe swung by Oregon. She and her friends were road tripping all over America and stuff and They crashed at my place overnight. I frantically cleaned up my place to acceptability as they drove down from Olympia and, when they arrived at my sister's place and my parents went to see them I desperately asked them to stall time. In the end my place was very clean for them and we partied until about 4 am XD I laughed at how one of Chloe's friends was so excited to see the ocean for the first time. The pacific does that to ya ^^

I have done a lot of writing since I last updated. Mostly I have done fanfiction ad the like but I am working around an idea for an original story I want to write and make into a book. I have also met some people in my neighborhood that have become pretty good friends. I have cycled through one girlfriend but it didn't work out as well as we wanted. We're still really good friends though ^^

I guess I don't have anything else to say. Not that I can remember at least. Oh well. If I forgot anything I'll include it in my next update.!

David A. Gray
AKA Tankou001


  1. Glad to see that you are back to writing on your blog. We hope to visit you sometime this summer. We would like to come out for Nemi’s birthday if that is a good weekend for everyone out there.

    Your grandmother is doing very well now that she can get outside and work in her flower garden.

    Keep writing on your blog so we know what is happening in your life.