Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trials and Canines

Hi All!
May Day weekend I went to Battle Ground, WA to take part in the gefoulge trials for my village, whoever won was the best fighter in the village. Sadly, I got beaten like a tent stake. However, not all was bad. I got second place in the spear throwing contest! At least I know that I am good at that. That night I lit the fire with knife and flint instead of lighters or a match, though we did end up needing some lantern fuel to kick things into motion. So I can't start a fire like a true medieval citizen, big deal XD

Also, just yesterday I came here to my sister's place, where I often blog from. XP
Today we decided, for some odd reason, that getting another dog would be great for her! So we hauled the baby and Gizmo (her first dog) into the car and drove off to the humane society for a new member of the family. We wanted a pit mix but they don't get along with female dogs if they are female and the one we wanted was. Instead we went for an Australian Shepherd named Rosie. She was so gentle and sweet. We introduced Gizmo and her at the place and they got along fine. She treats Nemi (my two years old niece) really carefully and is such a friendly little critter. we returned home and I gave her a bath. She was super grimy and matted up, still is a bit but at least now she smells good and is brushed out a little. Not much of a playful dog, honestly but she is such a sweetheart. She'll come right up to you and slam her nose against your hand for attention. So adorable!

Well... I suppose that's it ^^
Blog done!

David Gray

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