Saturday, May 2, 2009

Housewarming Party Coming Up

Hey all, David here!

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Life has been going well, and rather uneventful. I moved into my new place about two weeks ago. It is a really nice neighborhood, and I am glad that I am out on my own. For the most part keeping myself entertained comes easily. I normally just sit down on my computer, and write stuff when I have nothing better to do. Occasionally the moment fancies a visit to my sister's place three doors down. I have already had some friends over to spend the night a couple of times, and all seems to be going well. Neighbors are awesome, btw. I have told them already that if I am ever too loud at night, or whatever that they should come knocking at my door, but they insist that they won't have anything wrong, and by the general happenings of it all it seems they make nmore noise at night than I do XD It's reasonable since they have kids though XD

I am having my housewarming party this on the 9th of may! It is all going to be luau themed. As a joke we have "recruited" my buddy jeff to dance around in a grass skirt, and a ridiculous giant styrofoam flower bra, and he even agreed to do it! Because of this I have told a couple of close friends about it, and gotten nothing but laughs. Strangely enough one of my other friends begged me to let her do the same save for with cocobnuts as the bra instead of a ridiculous styrofoam flower. Still it is luau themed, and she really likes dressing the part (One of my cosplayer friends) so it is all cool.

My sister, the goddess in disguise that she is, offered to cook for the party. She is making barbecue pork ribs. What was interesting was that in talking about if mom, or heather should make the ribs my sister decided that we should have a cookoff between the two, and see which was better. I think it was a bit of a joke, but if it happens I look forward to having a week's worth of delicious ribs in my fridge. Also a few of the guests have offered/insisted on bringing food as well. There is going to be a luau music track, though I am not quite sure how we are going to play it in my back yard area just yet. (doesn't own a boombox/music player yet v_v)

I have found out something strange. This may have just been because the first time it was a good card, and the second time it was a cheap 20 dollar one, but it seems like the complex I know live in has a LOT of wireless connections. Still the only good place where I can piggy back on free connections is my living room. My buddy colin brought his laptop over and while we were sitting, using the net in my living room we got about 7 or 8 connections, about half of them unprotected. Still when my buddy Josh brought his wireless usb card over yesterday we only got two protected connections from my study. aybe I just pick up a better connection from my living room.

Anyway I will try to post again soon, but I can't guarantee. Still keep an eye out.

David Gray

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