Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday, April 07

Hey all, this is the first of my blogs.
As you can all read from my bio I am 19.

Well I have good news, and very good news, so I will start with the lesser so everything better sounds all the more so.

First of all I may be getting a job. A coffee place nearby my current home has been hiring for three months, and nobody save for me has turned in a resume (they don't have applications) I only turned in my Resume two days ago anyway so it may take some time. Still having three years of Barista experience I am more than likely to be on top of there list even if they do get anyone else turning in resumes. When they asked me what times i was free when I asked if they were hiring I of course answered, anytime as I don't have a very busy schedule, and my closeness of about two blocks away from them is yet another big plus in my chances. Let's all cross our fingers, and hope it all goes well.

On an even brighter note I will be moving out of my mom's house in about two weeks. Mom is getting married, and of course her husband won't want me to be living with them, and I can hardly blame them. They will be newlyweds, and all, and I don't want to ruin their fun. I am so very excited about getting my own place, and especially in setting a first among my friends. It seems all of my buddies all have at least learners permits for driving (I don't), and everyone has a major game system, or something of that sort. All are in college save for my friend jeff who is still in highschool, but has scholarships I have no doubt. I am just glad that I am setting a new first for the first time among my buddies in getting my own place, which naturally beats out any other things in relevance. My mom, and her husnband will be paying for my apartment untuil they can find me a condo as this apartment will just be a part time thing until my current home sells. (doubtless it won't be for a while, the place is a mess DX) After the house sells Mom is gonna buy a condo that I will move into, and pay her rent. This new job of mine if I happen to get it will be just what I need for such rent as well. Great days are coming I feel.

Aside from that nothing special is happening in my life, though I have joined a new role play site. It looks fun, and I was the third member to join including the admin herself. I just hope all of the action kicks up soon, and people get their characters up because I am getting impatient XP

I may update soon, or I may not depending on how eventful my life ends up being. Expect at least some updates come two weeks from now as I will be moving into my new apartment by then.


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  1. David, I moved out! I was first! And will you need help with your new place?